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Black Colour

Black Colour is a strong Danish accessory brand, established in 2009 by founder Anette Skjødt Larsen.

After many years in the fashion industry as creative buyer and product manager, Anette discovered a range of unique bracelets during her numerous travels around the world. These bracelets became the main reason of the establishment of Black Colour.

During a few years bracelets turned into a accessory collection of unique scarves, leather bags & – belts and one of the core products of Black Colour collection – socks.

The collection of contemporary scarves, leatherware and socks is developed with the aim to achieve exclusive & unique designs always combined with good quality and affordable prices.

To meet the requirements of often transforming fashion and requirements, Black Colour is developed and produced on express terms and are delivered to our customers on a day-to-day basis.

All products are designed and developed in Denmark and produced primarily in India and Italy.

All items from Black Colour are free of nickel, lead and azo dyestuffs according to the international regulations.


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